Top Spots to Place Your Home Security Cameras

Top Spots to Place Your Home Security Cameras

Installing surveillance cameras is a valuable security option all homeowners should consider. By allowing you to have eyes on vulnerable areas around your house at all times, cameras provide a much greater level of protection for you and your family. A study by the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center in 2011 showed that security cameras are a cost-effective deterrent to crime and can lead to a 25 to 35% reduction in crime.

Determining where best to place your home security cameras maximizes their effectiveness and minimizes the threat of break-ins. With expert insight from Jerod Urry, General Manager at Mountain Alarm, the following are some of your home’s most exposed areas, making them ideal spots to install home security cameras.

Residential cameras are generally placed at the front of the home, particularly near the front door. According to statistics from the Washington Post, 34% of U.S. burglaries start through the front door and reports of doorstep theft are increasing as we see more shoppers buying online. Having cameras installed high above the door is a simple and effective solution, allowing a view of traffic coming to the door whether someone is home or not. With present current technology, notifications can be immediately sent to your smartphone to alert you of motion in a particular area like the main entry.

Other important locations for surveillance are areas not easily seen from the road or by neighbors. Accessible windows of the home, for instance, are particularly susceptible to burglaries when hidden in the backyard or fenced area. These points of entry account for 23% of all burglaries, so installing cameras with a view of these areas is highly recommended.

Detached garages are another good location for security cameras in order to cover the driveway and interior of the garage. Set up an alert when you’re away from home at certain times of the day to notify you of activity in these locations.

Remember: Utilize security systems and surveillance in tandem. Together, they allow the home owner and the central station to view the cameras for video verification in the event of an alarm. Authorities will respond much quicker if it’s verified that someone is on the premises who isn’t supposed to be. With new cloud video storage services available, the risk of losing your recordings is highly unlikely. Burlgars are learning that they can’t just smash your DVR or grab the memory cards out of the cameras anymore. If they’re seeing cameras, most will understand that it’s not worth the risk.

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