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Local authorities agree that home security systems make a neighborhood safer. Even just the presence of the signs associated with home security services can cause a potential burglar to double think their actions. A full control panel tied electronically from the smoke detectors to the contact points at all entry points of the house monitors the safety of your home around the clock, all the time for constant tracking of the safety in your home. Protect the investment you've already made in your Home.

Fire damage can be greatly reduced with a primary alert sent the moment your smoke alarms trip this automatic reaction. Your control pad doesn't have to think about dialing and talking to a person to relay location and type of emergency. It just sends a signal and fire crews know exactly what they need to do. In a way it's like having a police officer watching over your safety all the time. Ready to attend to your distress, if any.

Our installers can formulate a customized lay out for your safety device. The extent of your coverage is limited by one's imagination. We can cover what must be outfitted with contact points and tie all your existing smoke alarms to the control pad and complete your installation in a snap. We are proud to serve the great city of Lakewood. Give us a call we are only too glad to answer any questions.

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