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The alarm system industry has taken some amazing strides in just this past decade. High Definition night vision optics are affordable enough to put all around the house. This means no surprises even in the awful case of a home invasion or even just a burglary while you were away shopping. The point is that you never know what lies just beyond the horizon, so be prepared for anything that chooses to come your way. We can show you how. With the advent of high pitched squealing sirens, as well as the automatic and redundant communication systems in order to alert the police in the event of a break-ins, you feel safe and secure in your home. We offer a multiplex software system that allows you to see everything that is going on in your kingdom right from your computer screen or smartphone. ON site or OFF!

Business Alarms

We can make your business experience less shrinkage in just a few short man hours. Covering footage and letting you know while you avoid the time consuming chore, we give you the highlights in a concise report. Perhaps your monitoring is more sophisticated and you need to badge people into some areas but not all areas are the same we can help you maneuver through the operational tasks of automating your business security needs patiently and until you have a mastery of the teraflops of data coming into you for inspection and or revision. There’s always a faster way of doing things and these devices help grow your business to the next level of operations.

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Ogden / Salt Lake / Provo
Office (888) 349-3455
Fax (801) 627-6272
3293 Harrison Blvd
Ogden, UT 84403

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