23 Traveling Safety Tips + Checklist

23 Traveling Safety Tips + Checklist

What’s the one thing more fun than enjoying a relaxing evening at home? Traveling, of course! Summer, winter, fall, spring; no matter the season, when the travel itch strikes, you’re going to need to scratch it. But traveling is never easy. Sometimes it can be downright dangerous. But you? You laugh in the face of danger! You take travel safety tips seriously, and you’re prepared for everything that life might throw at you while out on the open road or across the vast oceans. But just in case you forget a safety tip or two (or three), we’ve got you covered. These vacation travel tips should come in handy for summer travel, international travel, or even a leisurely stroll down the block.

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Travel Safety Items

No list of vacation or international travel tips would be complete without a rather extensive checklist for necessary items. From large to small, you might find something on here you didn’t realize you needed.

  1. Travel pillows and blankets: comfortable and CLEAN
  2. Whether you’re road-tripping with friends or taking a long flight, travel pillows can go a long way to keeping you comfortable and happy. Make sure they are clean as well. Dirty blankets and pillows can negatively affect you and those around you.

  3. Money belts and neck wallets: keep your money safe
  4. Don’t have a money belt or a neck wallet? Get one. We know, they look super lame. But having your money in these locations makes it much more difficult for you to accidentally lose your wallet or even worse, be the victim of pickpocketing.

  5. Travel organizer: keep travel docs organized
  6. International travel safety tips almost demand you travel with a travel organizer. When traveling to a foreign country, it’s absolutely essential that you have all of your important documents organized. The last thing you want is to get stranded in a foreign country without your passport!

  7. Luggage locks
  8. We’re not saying people at airports are untrustworthy. But why take the risk? Vacation travel, especially internationally, can leave your items at risk. Invest in luggage locks. They’re often fairly inexpensive as well. Better safe than sorry!

  9. Personal whistle
  10. A personal whistle is a good item to have. Summer travel safety tips often include personal whistles for people who are hiking out in the mountains. However, carrying a personal whistle might help keep you safe during normal national and international travel a well.

  11. Small flashlight
  12. Small flashlights are a common, effective tool for travelers. Especially true for those taking road trips, small flashlights are particularly useful if you accidentally drop important items at night, or if your car breaks down on a dark and lonely road.

  13. Portable locks
  14. Portable locks are interesting little devices. These tools connect to doors without the need for screws or nails and are easily detachable. But they provide an extra bit of security and peace of mind, making them a good option as a traveling safety tip.

  15. First Aid Kit
  16. We know, you’re tough. You’re immune to danger. But just in case, take a first aid kit with you. Even the strongest among us can be brought to our knees by an unexpected cut or bruise.

  17. Plastic zip-top bags
  18. Plastic bags? Yes, plastic bags! Zip top bags are almost indispensable when traveling. Keep your important items in these as it makes it easier to keep items dry. It’s especially important to keep any liquid items in plastic bags in order to prevent accidental spills that can get on everything in your suitcases.

  19. Prescription medicine
  20. It’s impossible to stress how important a traveling safety tip this is. If you have prescription medicine, regardless of what kind or for what purpose, DON’T LEAVE IT BEHIND. In fact, if it’s possible for you to acquire extra doses of your medication, do so. Additionally, don’t leave your medication all in one place. If it’s lost, you’re out of luck.

Hotel Safety Tips

All packed? Great! But your summer travel safety tips haven’t quite ended there. Once you reach your destination, you’re going to want to be a little cautious. Even the most idyllic travel spot can have hidden risks for the unwary traveler.

  1. Know the exits
  2. We’ve seen a few horror films in our time. We know you have too. Not that that’s going to happen to you, but still: know the exits. Even hotels have fires and other emergencies.

  3. Lock your doors
  4. What traveling safety tips list would be complete without this oldie but goodie? Thankfully, most hotels these days have doors that automatically lock. Even still, make sure you’re closing the doors all the way until you hear them lock, and engage any other locks while you’re inside your room. And of course, make sure your car doors are locked as well.

  5. Ask people to meet you in public areas
  6. Strange locations, strange people. If you’re meeting new people, especially while traveling internationally, ask to meet in a public area. This should help prevent any nefarious deeds from occurring.

  7. Don’t go into an elevator alone with suspicious strangers
  8. We’re not going to tell you who you should or should not call “suspicious.” Go with your gut. If someone doesn’t seem right or feel right to you, don’t get into an elevator with them. Just wait for the next one.

  9. Use the hotel safe for valuable items
  10. Many of you may not have even known that your hotel has a safe. Most modern hotels do. It’s often located in the closet or in some other less-than-obvious location. Keep your valuables there. You set the code and it doesn’t change until you unlock the safe.

  11. Know the nearest hospital and police stations
  12. That first aid kid you packed isn’t going to take care of everything. Know the location of the nearest hospital and police station. If in a foreign country, know the emergency numbers as well and how to communicate to local emergency professionals if there is a language barrier.

Additional Traveling Safety Tips

  1. Don’t carry too much cash
  2. We know, you’ve got deep pockets and you just can’t wait to “make it rain”. But really, there’s nothing worse than suddenly finding yourself in a foreign country or far away from home with no money at all. Only carry what you’re going to need when you’re out and about while traveling.

  3. Use a money belt
  4. Remember that money belt we told you to purchase as a traveling safety tip? It’s time to put it into action. You won’t start any new fashion trends or win any contests, but you also won’t risk losing your money either.

  5. Don’t take rides from strangers
  6. You’ve definitely been told this one since you were a wee kid in elementary school. Don’t take candy from strangers. Don’t take rides from strangers. In fact, just don’t interact with strangers in anything beyond normal situations.

  7. Don’t discuss travel plans with strangers
  8. While you’re busy not taking rides from strangers, it’s imperative that you also don’t tell them your travel plans. No matter how trustworthy and helpful someone is, never let them know what you plan on doing if they are unknown to you.

  9. Park in well-lit areas with your possessions hidden
  10. For those doing road trips, this is one greatest summer travel safety tips if not a simple life lesson. Nothing makes you a target easier than parking in dark areas. Keep your car in well-lit places. If you can’t, well, that’s what the small flashlight is for!

  11. Be conscious of the crowd
  12. Among international traveling safety tips, this one can’t be stressed enough. Large crowds in many countries are prime pickings for thieves. And marches or demonstrations can quickly turn ugly. If possible, avoid large crowds.

  13. Know where you’re going ahead of time
  14. Always plan your route, know the streets and where you need to go. Getting lost in an unknown location can lead you to places you probably don’t want to be. And during international travel, looking and acting like a tourist (which you are) can make you a target.

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