Add Automation and Life Safety Components to Your Security System

Integrated Components Enhance System Security & Automation

Add components to your existing security system that are designed to keep you comfortable and safe all year, but particularly beneficial during the cold of winter and early spring.

By adding a smart thermostat, you can adjust settings anytime from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer, maintaining an ideal environment in your home or office.

With a wireless smoke/heat/freeze detector, you can distinguish alarms between these emergency conditions. This allows the system to alert you to one, two, or all three.

Winter months see an increased risk of deadly carbon monoxide. Our wireless CO detectors feature an internal siren which will sound along with the built-in siren at the alarm panel when harmful levels are detected.

Simple, reliable sensors that detect a flood or extreme temperatures can also save lives and possessions, averting disaster and costly property damage.

In addition to the panel alerting you–either in the home or remotely–of any of these dangerous conditions, the system will also automatically notify the central station as with any alarm event.

We can easily add these components to most existing systems. It’s a worthwhile investment to potentially save lives and property while providing peace of mind.

We have many options to affordably enhance your level of security and automation.