Three Steps to Prevent Package Theft

Shopping online is more popular than ever because it’s so easy–at least the buying part is. The delivery part can be stressful. If you’re not willing and able to stay home for a valuable package, it gets left on your doorstep–a prime target for package thieves.

There is a solution thanks to smart home security. Secure a delivered package in three easy steps–even when you’re away from home–using your app.

Step 1: Verify the Visitor
You’ll know someone’s at the door when the delivery person rings your doorbell camera. his triggers an alert on your smartphone, from which you can open a video screen to see who’s there. Tap the microphone icon on your app’s doorbell camera screen to say hello and start a two-way conversation.

2: Direct the Delivery
Once you’ve verified the delivery person, grant them access with your app. First, disarm your security system. Then, unlock your front door’s smart lock. You can do it all from the doorbell camera screen. Ask them to leave the package inside the door, and to close the door behind them.

3: Secure the Door
Once the package is inside and the door is closed, it only takes a couple of taps on your app to re-secure your house. Lock the door and arm the security system. Your package is now secure and protected along with everything else in your home. If you prefer to use your garage as the drop-off point, you can do that too with the app and an integrated garage door controller. We can easily add a doorbell camera and smart lock to your smart home security system. Call us today for more information.

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