Top 25 Safest Cities in Michigan 2016

Top 25 Safest Cities in Michigan 2016

Where you choose to live or raise your family is a decision that requires serious consideration. There are many things you’ll need to include in your research when choosing to relocate including the cost of living, quality of educational resources, and opportunities for work and recreation. But safety will definitely be one of, if not the most important consideration to make. After all, no matter how attractive a community appears with regards to school, housing costs or access to jobs, the safety of your family will need to be your greatest concern if you are to find true happiness and stability in your new home.

The list of 25 safest cities in Michigan included in this article was compiled based on the crime statistics available to the public. These statistics which are collected via the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other institutions are credible sources that enable American families to access the information they need when making decisions regarding the best places to live. If you are interested in moving to Michigan’s safest cities, peruse the top 25 safest cities in Michigan as are listed below.

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  • Grosse Ile Township

Grosse Ile Township, located in the Detroit River Islands of Michigan, provides access to a breathtaking landscape perfect for families who are interested in being one with all that nature has to offer. This city has consistently made the list of safest cities in Michigan for the past few years due to its extremely low crime rate with instances of violent crime being virtually non-existent.

In addition to a low crime rate and scenic location, the township is also a great option for families with children due to access to quality education and housing. Grosse Ile Township Schools have been ranked as a top school district within the state of Michigan for the past few years. Housing is also an attractive prospect with the median home value being $195,088 while the median household income is $86,445.

Population: 10,483
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 20.8
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0

  • Hamburg Township

Hamburg Township is a beautiful, close-knit community located within Livingston County, Michigan. It covers a total area of 36 square miles and is within close proximity to cities like Flint, Ann Arbor and Detroit. Though its population is fairly large compared to some of the smaller cities on this list, Hamburg Township provides access to a small town culture that’s perfect for close-knit families and nature lovers. For instance, the town includes 32 lakes in addition to ponds, streams and creeks that enable families to participate in many recreational activities. Hamburg township also includes a significant portion of Brighton State Recreation Area as well as five miles of Lakelands Trail, an ideal opportunity for residents to walk and bike. The fact that it’s close to cities like Detroit also makes Hamburg an ideal location for individuals who want access to a diverse array of recreational activities, entertainment and employment opportunities without needing to travel too far from home.

Population: 21,691
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 0
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0

  • Berkley

Berkley made this list thanks to much more than its extremely low crime rate. This city can be found within the suburbs of Detroit, thus making it easy for its resident to access all the amenities that city life offers without living at the center of the Detroit metropolitan area. Berkley also has a thriving downtown district which includes dozens of successful local businesses. There’s also the fact that Berkley is home to the Dream Cruise parade, an annual one-day event that showcases classic cars and attracts more than a million visitors each year. Less than 10 km away is the Troy airport as well, in addition to city parks and other facilities.

Another thing that makes this small city one of the best choices for relocating is the fact that housing is fairly affordable. For instance, the estimated median household income is $71,740 while the median home value is $143,618. That means on average with a good salary, you’ll be able to afford your mortgage while accessing a nice home in one of Michigan’s safest communities.

Population: 15,273
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 0
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 6.5

  • Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, also known as the Village of Beverly Hills, is one of the safest cities in Michigan. At just 11.6 miles away is Detroit while other neighboring cities include Birmingham and Southfield. This, in addition to its many amenities, makes it an attractive community for families who want to access a high-quality lifestyle without sacrificing their family’s safety and well-being.

Beverly Hills covers 4.5 square miles with a population of 10,448. Education is also a priority for residents and it’s no wonder since they have access to top-rated private and public schools including Detroit Country Day School, Beverly Elementary and Groves High School. In addition, 40.4% of its population age 25 and older have a Bachelor’s degree.

For those interested in nature, Berkley sets itself apart from other cities on this list due to its many attractive parks and nature preserves. These include the 34-acre Beverly Park, half-acre Riverside Park, 18-acre Douglas Evans Nature Preserve and the 15-acre Hidden Rivers Nature Reserve. Homeowners with an interest in relocating to this city will need to pay up big bucks, however, as the median home value is an estimated $272,086 – a figure which is more than double the median home value of homes within Michigan. The household income though at $109,446 is also well above the state figure which stands at $48,273 according to 2013 statistics.

Population: 10,448
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 2
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 9.5

  • Flushing Township

Like many other cities on this list, Flushing Township’s population stands at just over 10,000. But don’t expect to find residents hustling and bustling about. The city’s humble beginnings which started back in the 1830s has stood at the center of its small town appeal. Back then residents quarried sandstone, welcomed English settlers, built roads and established farms. Today, this town offers residents a taste of small city living that is both tranquil and picturesque with many treasures perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts that include the Flushing Township Nature Park. This park offers access to canoeing via the Flint River and features an observation tower in addition to walking trails.

But here’s another reason families will love Flushing Township: homes in this city are extremely affordable with the median home value at $101,310. Home sales are also on the rise when compared to the last few years, so homeowners can look forward to many options on the housing market.

Population: 10,337
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 59.2
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 12

  • South Lyon

South Lyon has come a long way since the 1930s when it was established as a city. Once a center for agriculture, this city with its small town charm offers much to its residents today. For instance, the city provides residents with access to South Lyons Community Schools, a school district rated 1st within Michigan’s Tri-county area. Located in Oakland County, it sits close to interstate highways, providing easy access to nearby airports and other amenities as well. South Lyon is hub for several industries and businesses due to a thriving downtown scene and its access to nearby cities like Detroit, Ann Arbor and Lansing, Michigan’s capital. Housing is also fairly affordable with the median home value at 152,910 while the median household income $56,241.

Population: 11,713
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 55
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0

  • Milford Township

Established in 1832, Milford Township is a picturesque city located in Oakland County, the second most populous county in Michigan. Due to its location in Oakland County, Milford Township is also less than an hour’s drive from Detroit.

This city has a population of 16,486 and covers an area of 35.20 square miles. Common industries for work include healthcare, transportation and educational services while residents can also look forward to living in a community that caters for the needs of its residents in diverse ways. For instance, in addition to watersports such as canoeing and kayaking along the Huron River, the city also provides access to a Senior Center to meet the needs of older residents.

The estimated median household income is $67,202 while median house value $172, 200. This makes Milford Township an affordable alternative when compared to cities with more expensive housing included in this list.

Population: 16,486
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 66
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0

  • Grosse Pointe Woods

In the mid to late 1800s, Grosse Pointe Woods became a haven for affluent residents who were seeking a reprieve from the effects of industrialization in Detroit. Today, this town continues to offer its residents access to benefits inherent within Michigan’s safest small cities. For instance, it includes a gorgeous landscape and access to the nearby Lake St. Clair. Thankfully, residents won’t need to look far for top-rated schools in addition to quality housing but be prepared to gain a job that will enable you to afford this lifestyle as the median household income is $85,649 while the median home value is $167,627.

Population: 15,835
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 0
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 31.6

  • Clawson

Located in Oakland County, Clawson is known for being a “little city with a big heart”. The town covers just over 2 square miles and has a population of 12,049 residents. The fact that it’s within close proximity to Detroit and a mile west of the I-75 expressway also makes this extremely safe city very appealing. In addition to offering easy access to the amenities found in major cities like Detroit, Clawson offers access to parks, high-rated community services, a historical museum and much more than meets the eye.

The community also provides affordable housing that sets it apart from other cities on this list. The fact that housing value continues to rise within this metropolitan city also makes it a good investment for those seeking potentially short-term housing opportunities. According to 2014 statistics, the median housing value is $127,761 while the median household income is $53,140.

Population: 12,049
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 0
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 8.3

  • Bloomfield Township

Bloomfield Township has blossomed since 1827 when it was first organized. It has fast become an economically viable, business-friendly and family-oriented community with many amenities for its diverse residents. In addition to beautiful vistas that feature rolling hills and lakes, Bloomfield also provides residents with a tranquil, active lifestyle with many sporting and leisure activities available throughout the year. These include boating, biking and hiking. Be prepared to spend big buck though as Bloomfield has some of the most expensive housing on this list! The median home value is $339,248.

Population: 43,211
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 0
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0

  • West Bloomfield Township

West Bloomfield Township is located within the Detroit metropolitan area and offers access to more than 5 universities and colleges, most of which are within less than 10 miles. In addition, West Bloomfield Township has been recognized for its scenic gifts of nature. For instance, the town is home to about 150 ponds and 28 lakes! Not surprising, this township has been nicknamed “the lake township of Oakland County”. It has also been named one of the top 100 small communities in the Unites States by Money Magazine. Though housing may be expensive and sometimes difficult to access, West Bloomfield Township’s highly educated population can generally afford it so be sure to start seeking jobs and housing in advance. The median home value $257,706 while the median household income is $99,501.

Population: 65,149
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 0
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0

  • Novi

In the past few years the city of Novi has had a 7.3% increase in its population. This highlights the vast interest individuals have in this Detroit metropolitan. Detroit is only 20 miles east of Novi, providing easy access to transportation, entertainment and job opportunities. Smaller nearby cities include Plymouth and Farmington, both of which are less than 3 miles away. In addition to being close to several cities, there are other reasons Novi has attracted such a significant increase in population. These include strong school districts and a high standard of living due to its emphasis on providing adequate facilities and resources for leisure. Novi residents also have a high standard of living due to income levels which are well above the state average. The estimated median household income is 82,072 while median home value is $238,151

Population: 58, 416
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 55.6
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 11.9

  • Northville

Northville is an affluent community located in Wayne County, Michigan. Its population is quite small, with just over 6,000 residents, making it the perfect place for families who are looking for small town charm with big city amenities. The city has a very low crime rate as well, resulting in it being one of the safest cities in Michigan. But that’s not all that prospective home buyers have to look forward to.

Relocation to this community is fairly easy once its within your budget. Consider the fact that the median home value is $214,415 while the median household income is $87,608. If you are considering this tranquil town, you’ll be excited to know that unlike many other cities on this list, Northville has had an increase in new housing construction in the past few years. That mean new homes are on the market, and not only that, home sales are also on the rise.

It’s also just about 20 miles west of Detroit which means that commute to the big city will be a breeze. Northville residents can access employment, entertainment, sporting facilities and much more due to this close proximity to Detroit.

Population: 6,014
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 64
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0

  • Riverview

Also situated within Wayne County is the city of Riverview, a community that stretches across an area of 4.4 square miles. This Detroit metropolitan suburb likely got its name based on its location alongside the Detroit River’s shore. Riverview is a beautiful choice for families who love nature, especially since the city offers many recreational activities for nature lovers including boating and canoeing. In addition, its just 20 minutes away from the Port of Detroit.

Though its history as a city spans only 57 years, Riverside has since become one of the most progressive small cities in Michigan. That’s why major industries including Ash Stevens, Inc., Materials Processing Inc., and others call this city home. Major highways such as I-75 also make it easy to travel as well.

Another reason to love Riverside is the fact that it offers some of the most affordable housing options when compared to other cities mentioned on the list. Homeowners will need to do an in-depth search, however, to ensure their ideal home is available as this is not always a guarantee, especially when home prices are below average. The median home value in Riverside is $105,453 while the median household income is $47,753.

Population: 12,222
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 65.2
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 8.2

  • Rochester

The city of Rochester has gained many awards and accolades over the past few years. For instance, in 2009 it was named one the 10 Best Places for Lifelong Learning* and also garnered the 2010 ICMA Voice of the People Award of Excellency due to extremely high service ratings from senior citizens. Potential residents will also be pleased to know that the city was ranked within CNN/ Money Magazine’s list of the Top 100 Places to Live.

In addition to beautiful parks and recreational centers, the city of Rochester also offers recreation opportunities through the Rochester Avon Recreation Authority (RARA). This organization strives to make it possible for all residents to access recreational services regardless of their age or skill level. At $269,460, housing value is fairly higher when compared to others on this list, however.

Population: 12,995
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 56
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0

  • Farmington

In the past decade, millions of dollars have been pumped into the heart of Farmington to improve infrastructure such as historic building sites within its Downtown district. This has resulted in a thriving downtown and the city in generally being awarded top spots in several lists including CNN/Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live in 2013. The town is also home to one of Michigan’s top-rated school systems, making it an ideal choice for families with children.

In addition to its scenic views, thriving infrastructure and plenteous small town amenities, Farmington also sets itself apart due to its position as one of the most affluent communities within Southeast Michigan. Located in the southern region of Oakland County, Farmington is only minutes away from Detroit and provides access to many of the amenities its small city residents would not be able to access otherwise. Access to highways like I-96, I-696 and I-275 also makes it possible for Farmington residents to easily commute to nearby cities for work, recreation, educational services and entertainment. Housing is also very affordable with the median home value at $156, 646 while the median household income is 59,840.

Population: 10, 554
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 0
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 28.3

  • Grandville

Located in Kent County, Grandville is one of the best locations to live in Western Michigan. This city covers an area of 8 square miles which includes walking trails, parks and the Grand River. In addition to accessing river cruises, swimming, boating and other activities, residents will also be happy to know that Lake Michigan is just minutes away. But its stunning landscape and extraordinary recreational opportunities are not the only reasons residents love this tranquil city.

Grandville also has a strong economy when compared to other cities in Michigan. In fact, Fortune Magazine names Grandville one of the top 10 best cities for business in the US. This is based on the fact that the city has a thriving business district and many opportunities for gainful employment within a multiplicity of sectors which include manufacturing, retail and more! But be sure you are prepared to work hard to find housing as it can be a tedious task if the proper time is not invested. Thankfully though, homes are very affordable. The median home value is $132,153 while the median household income is $54,039.

Population: 15,857
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 114.9
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 50.5

  • Marquette

As the county seat of Marquette County, Michigan, this city has a variety of advantages when it comes to living in Michigan’s safest cities. For instance, due to its location within Marquette County, residents can access some of the most beautiful beaches along Lake Superior’s shoreline. But that’s not all, the town is also a major shipping hub thanks to the fact that it features a port on Lake Superior. It’s also the perfect place for foodies who are interested in fresh, authentic flavors that won’t result in breaking the bank. Whether you are a leisure lover, foodie or entertainment junkie, this bustling port town is the perfect getaway, or better yet, permanent residence. A quick look at its long list of awards** will provide evidence to the quality of life offered to all who choose to make the city of Marquette their home.

Due to the existence of the port along with its prime location in Marquette County, this city offers many job opportunities. However, families seeking to relocate will need to start looking for job opportunities in advance, particularly in areas that include retail, food and services industries. The median household income is $37,264 while the median home or condo value is 166,408.

Population: 21,441
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 91.8
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0

  • East Grand Rapids

East Grand Rapids was first designated as a city in 1926 with a population of just about 1,300 residents. Since then this city in Kent County, Michigan has grown significantly, attracting residents from neighboring cities and beyond. What lies at the heart of East Grand Rapids’ appeal is its combination of attractions which include a successful school district, bustling business district and opportunities for the adventurous which include boating, fishing and other recreational activities.

Like many cities on this list, East Grand Rapids city really offers a breathtaking natural environment thanks to its lakes, beaches, parks and the 4 miles long Reeds Lake Trail that borders the Reeds Lake. Not surprisingly, however, homes may be a bit expensive with the median home value at $240,910.

Population: 11,258
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 0
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0

  • Shelby Township

Are you a lover of the great outdoors? If that is the case, you will definitely think seriously about relocating to Shelby Township, one of the safest cities in Michigan. This city stands out from its counterparts due to its extraordinary biking and hiking trails – more than 10 actually — that stretch for hundreds of miles. In addition to this, residents have access to the Clinton River and public parks that cover 1,200 acres. There are many options for housing as well, including estates perfect for families who want access to increased privacy and larger lots. The median home or condo value is $116,500 while the median household income is 60,542.

Population: 76,859
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 0
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0

  • Lincoln Charter Township

Not to be mistaken with the many other Lincoln Townships in Michigan, the Lincoln Charter Township is one of the best places to live in Michigan. This township has had a rich history that included fruit cultivation, ice cutting along its lakes and many other pursuits. However, since the 20th century Lincoln Charter Township has become a vacation spot for tourists and a welcomed alternative for families seeking one of the safest places in Michigan to call home.

This beautiful city, like so many others on this list, offers attractive outdoor pursuits thanks to access to state-of-the art facilities, nature reserves, bike trails, lakes and parks that stretch across hundreds of acres. One of its most attractive natural features is the Grand Mere State Park which has been recognized as a National Natural Landmark due to 10,000-year-old dunes resulting from the recession of glacial lakes. In addition to this, potential residents can also look forward to affordable housing. The median home value in Lincoln Charter Township is $188,000 while the median household income is $64,211.

Population: 14,559
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 8.08
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0

  • White Lake Township

White Lake Township, a medium-sized city located within the outskirts of Detroit in Oakland County, has a rich and compelling history as well. Originally, this town was the home of Ottawa and Chippewa American Indians who in their native languages called the area “white” and “clear” due to the White Lake on who’s shores they dwelt. The township was later settled by several families who built grist and other types of mills, schools, churches and roadways.

Today White Lake township prides itself on being a wonderful residential community, one that encourages diversity while providing residents with many amenities. These include access to more than 20 lakes which enable water sports and leisure activities, to name a few, in addition to the Alpine Valley ski resort which attracts numerous ski enthusiasts each year.

The town also offers exceptional housing, though you may need to prepare your budget well in advance. The median home value is $211, 900 while the median household income is $65,894.

Population: 30, 955
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 0
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 9.7

  • Northville Township

As one of the many Detroit-based suburbs on this list, Northville offers the advantage of small city living while enabling its residents to benefit from increased shopping, entertainment and recreational opportunities found in Detroit. It’s a vibrant city with a rich history that is clearly depicted in its architecture, particularly in the thriving downtown district. Prospective residents can look forward to the beautiful neighborhoods, lots of greenery, ponds, rivers and lakes in addition to many other treasures unique to Northville Township.

In addition to its breathtaking landscape and the high standard of living the city engenders, Northville offers quality housing for families, senior citizens and young professionals. The median household income is $87,608 while the median home value is $214,415.

Population: 6,014
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 0
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0

  • Birmingham

Birmingham is a thriving city located just about midpoint between two major cities, Pontiac and Detroit. Known by the slogan “a walkable city”, Birmingham prides itself on offering its residents many amenities and a quality lifestyle that makes it the perfect place to live, play and do business. With an area that covers just over 4 square miles, it easily provides a small town culture for the 20,000 or so residents dwelling within its urban communities.

In terms of housing, prospective residents need not look further once they are equipped with the advantage of a flexible budget. Quality housing is available in the cities many affluent communities but with a median house value of $350,864 – almost three times Michigan’s median home or condo value – while the median household income is $101,171.

Population: 20,757
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 0
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 14.6

  • Green Oak Township

Located in Livingston County, Green Oak Township is another attractive option for Americans seeking to live in one of the top 25 safest communities in Michigan. Like several other cities on this list, Green Oak Township boasts a rich landscape that includes rolling hills, woodlands and lakes in addition to public parks which account for 20% of the township’s land. The city also actively promotes its rural heritage while seeking to enhance diversity within its population.

Prospective residents will also be pleased to know that housing opportunities about in this tranquil city. In fact, Green Oak Township offers some of the most affordable housing opportunities when compared to other cities making this list. The median house or condo value is $79,600 while the median household income is $76,263. The fact that housing is so affordable makes it possible for prospective Green Oak Township residents to invest in their new home or in other pursuits that may arise once they relocate.

Population: 18,237
Violent crime rate (per 100,000): 0
Robbery crime rate (per 100,000): 0