Celebrate Earth Day with these Energy-saving Smart Devices

A cool, comfortable home becomes an oasis during the months when the mercury rises. But does your security and home automation system take full advantage of the latest energy-saving gadgets?

We offer the ability to control your thermostat, lights, and small appliances with your smartphone–not to mention locks and garage doors. These smart devices can save energy, time and money.

A smart thermostat, our most popular energy-management component, makes it easy to maintain the perfect temperature. You can create temperature schedules, automatically turn down the heat or air when you leave for work, and check in and change the temperature anytime from your phone. You can also receive alerts if anyone makes a change to the settings.

Automated lights are the perfect addition to any smart home. Control lights remotely and save energy–equivalent to a 60-watt light, our Smart Bulbs only consume nine watts of power. These smart bulbs are easily integrated into your system and feature on/off and dimmable settings. You can automatically turn on the porch light when you open the front door, turn on lights for security while you’re away, or schedule the outside lights to turn off at a designated time.

Lamp modules can be used to dim or turn off lights remotely or on a set schedule. The module includes two power receptacles–one controlled by the system and one powered at all times for traditional plug-in needs. The module can be used with incandescent lamps, low-tension halogen lamps, and small appliances for convenient, remote control of your home’s lighting.

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