Get Away this Summer with Your Home and Property Protected

This year’s summer vacation may look a lot different than in the past. But whether you’re traveling across country or just across town, a smart security system has the tools and features to provide peace of mind in knowing your home and property will always be protected.

While you’re away from home, arm your system in “away” mode and you’ll receive alerts on your smartphone in the event of an alarm. Our monitoring center will also be notified in order to confirm the nature of the alarm and whether police need to be dispatched.

As you’re headed for the great outdoors, if you forget to arm your system at the panel or with your key-ring remote, you can always access, control, adjust and arm your system through our user-friendly app.

An invaluable addition to any system, indoor and outdoor cameras provide an anytime, anywhere look at what’s going on at home. You can remotely monitor your video surveillance, viewing live feeds or recorded footage. Access your cameras anytime and receive alerts and valuable insights with video analytics.

Integrate a smart lock into your system so you can provide a trusted neighbor or friend with his or her own trackable access code to secure your mail or care for a pet. This eliminates the need for spare keys that can be lost or copied. You can also disarm your system, unlock the door, and rearm your system in case you need to provide access for a delivery or home repair while you’re away. Only want visitors to have access to the garage? With a smart controller, you can open, close and check on the status of your garage door from anywhere.

Cover all other concerns about leaving your home unattended with our smart environmental devices. We offer components that monitor for extreme temperatures, smoke, carbon-monoxide and floods. Don’t forget about our smart thermostats. You can adjust the temperature from anywhere, saving on energy costs and ensuring your home will be cool when you return.

And if you’re simply planning a staycation, arm your system in “stay” mode and enjoy the oasis of your fully protected home.