Smarter Security Solutions for Businesses of Any Size

Smart business security is a worry-free package of tough, reliable hardware, intelligent security features and an app that controls everything.

You’re always protected

Just specify a closing time and takes care of the rest. You can have the auto-arming feature turn the alarm on for you every day, without fail. You can have your system arm itself automatically after a period of no activity. You can also use your app to arm and disarm your system from anywhere.

Our business security technology is more reliable

Our dedicated cellular connection, which delivers the emergency signal to your monitoring station, can’t be cut like a phone line or broadband cable. If the power goes out, your panel’s battery backup keeps you connected.

Smart access control means fewer weak spots

If you’re still using keys for access, your business needs an urgent upgrade. Keys are easy to lose, misuse, copy or steal. The more you have in circulation, the weaker your security. for Business replaces keys with smart access control: a secure solution of smart locks, card readers and user codes that easily put you in control.

Smart video monitoring helps you manage emergencies

With smart security cameras in your system, a nighttime alarm doesn’t necessarily mean an immediate trip to the office. Instead, you can open a live video feed to see what’s happening. If it’s a false alarm, you can let our monitoring station know. If the emergency is real, it can be verified more quickly and police alerted sooner.

Security is at your fingertips

With its smart business security app, we make it easy to solve security worries and other challenges right from your smartphone or other web-enabled device. Contact us today to learn more about all the powerful business security solutions we offer.