We Provide a Smarter Access Control Solution for Businesses

As part of our comprehensive commercial security, we offer Smarter Access Control–Alarm.com’s award-winning access solution. An integral piece of the Alarm.com business platform, it combines access with intrusion, video surveillance and energy management into a single solution accessible through Alarm.com’s mobile app and web dashboard.

Smarter Access Control lets users quickly and easily manage permissions for all access points, including doors with card readers and Z-Wave locks, as well as security partitions. A single button in the app can unlock the front door, disarm the alarm and adjust the temperature. Users can also receive alerts and access-triggered video notifications when doors report unauthorized access attempts or forced or held-open situations.

Smarter integration

Integrated with other Alarm.com services, the access solution can trigger security panel disarming when a door is accessed, as well as video recordings, alerts and other automatic actions, with event history easily cross-checked and reviewed.

No technical expertise necessary

Alarm.com’s intuitive interface makes it easy for any small or medium-sized business owner to manage access for employees. Setting up access for a new employee is as simple as typing in a name, assigning a user code, and scanning a new access card.

Versatile and scalable

From simple setups in light retail to offices requiring sophisticated schedules and rules, Smarter Access Control is adaptable to a wide range of today’s business needs.

Less hardware onsite

Alarm.com’s secure cloud infrastructure eliminates the need for expensive onsite networking hardware and simplifies training for administrators.

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