Customer Experience Department Sets the Standard for Service

Mountain Alarm has always been known for its “local feel” and for taking pride in providing the best personalized service. In 2017 we committed to further elevating every customer interaction, so we created a brand-new Customer Experience Department.

“My passion has always been to provide customers with an experience that they can’t get from anyone else. When you live by your word to take care of each and every customer, they will always receive the level of service they deserve,” said Shantel Summers, Director of Administrative Operations, who was instrumental in building the new CED team.

Local feel, personal touch means a better customer experience

Our Customer Experience Department is centrally located in Ogden, Utah, in order to best serve all of our brands. We currently have about 25 agents working remotely in their homes answering your calls during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been able to quickly pivot and continue to provide support to our customers while working remotely. Our CED agents go through a rigorous interview and comprehensive training process, so we employ the best of the best to meet our customers’ needs.

Overall goals for the Customer Experience Department

The sole focus of this specialized department is to give our customers the best experience possible. To do so, we elevated our goals to lower hold times, to provide fast, accurate troubleshooting, and to quickly schedule service calls. CED works hard to take care of all of our customers’ needs and provide service quickly. By centralizing our call center team, we are better able to provide quality control, training and team synergy. Each month we talk to around 14,000 customers, providing support and individualized care for their security, life-safety, and automation systems.

Doing right by our customers

Our company was built on the foundation of offering the highest quality customer service. Evolving and improving on a unique customer experience is a core value. Our leadership team works directly alongside our agents to resolve and mitigate any service issues. Every single employee is empowered to do what is right by our customers, focused on serving their needs and taking care of them just as our founder would–like family. We take pride in being large enough to meet any customer need, but small enough to provide that vital personalized experience.

“Creating personal relationships with our customers brings me the most joy in my position,” added Karina Oseguera, Customer Experience Office Manager. “I instill in our team members from the very beginning how important our relationship with our customers is. I know that if I can create that personal bond, the customer will truly know how valuable their relationship is to us.”

Our Customer Experience team can be reached at 1-888-349-3455 or by emailing