Mountain Alarm Proudly Protects LastMile Logistix

LastMile Logistix is a rapidly growing 3PL warehouse and fulfillment company. They service small to medium-sized businesses and ship packages and goods to customers all over the world. As the company expanded, it became increasingly important to ensure the safety and security of its warehouse facilities and customers' products. That's why LastMile turned to Mountain Alarm for their security needs.

Challenge: Before the implementation of Mountain Alarm systems, LastMile faced challenges in maintaining the safety and security of their facilities. The company wanted safeguards from potential thefts, break-ins, and vandalism, which would not only result in the loss of valuable inventory but also disrupt the company's operations.

Finding the Right Partner: Mountain Alarm provided LastMile with a comprehensive security solution that addressed all their concerns. The security experts at Mountain Alarm conducted a thorough assessment of LastMile’s facilities and recommended a customized security plan that included the installation of state-of-the-art security cameras, access control systems, and intrusion detection alarms.

The Result: The implementation of systems from Mountain Alarm had an immediate impact on LastMile’s operations. The security cameras provided the company with real-time monitoring of their facilities, allowing them to quickly identify and respond to any potential issues. The access control systems ensured that only authorized personnel had access to sensitive areas of the facilities, while the intrusion detection alarms alerted LastMile’s security team of any unauthorized entry.

Overall, LastMile’s choice of Mountain Alarm's security solution was a resounding success. The company was able to enhance its security measures and protect its assets, while also improving its operations and reducing costs. Mountain Alarm's expertise and dedication to customer success were crucial to the success of the project, and LastMile looks forward to continuing the partnership.

LastMile Logistix is located in Spanish Fork, Utah, but services customers all over the world. They work with a variety of customers in the automotive, apparel, pet, and firearms industries to name a few. Their services include warehousing and fulfillment, inventory management, kitting and assembly, as well consulting new businesses launching e-commerce stores. For more information, you can contact them at or call 801-489-8686.

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