A Smart Garage Door Enhances Security and Convenience

Many of us have left home and wondered if we forgot to close the garage door. And as the weather warms, the kids are constantly opening the garage to ride their bikes or to retrieve a bat and glove, often leaving for a friend’s without closing it.

By integrating a smart garage door controller into your Mountain Alarm security system, you can use the alarm.com app to check the status of the garage door and close (or open) it from anywhere. You can also receive real-time alerts on your smart phone if the door has been left open when you travel a specified distance from home.

For 70 percent of Americans, the garage door serves as the primary entrance and exit to their homes. Chances are good it will get left open occasionally. This is an invitation to thieves to quickly make off with expensive tools or toys. Or they may simply look inside for items they can target later in the cover of night. (All the more reason to ensure your garage side entrance has a door sensor and a strategically placed security camera.)

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