A Smart Security System is the Perfect Defense for What Goes Bump in the Night

While you prepare for an array of tiny ghosts, goblins, and ghouls at your door this weekend, think about how to best defend your house when the visitors aren’t so welcome. Enjoy peace of mind with a combination of smart security devices from Mountain Alarm designed to perfectly protect your home. Exterior video surveillance that includes a doorbell camera along with smart lighting can help you keep an eye on your property whether you’re home or away.

We offer the latest in video surveillance technology to protect your family and property. Interior and exterior cameras allow you to view live feeds, record and store footage, and send real-time segments to your smartphone or computer if alarms are triggered. We carry a number of camera options from the top manufacturers.

When a visitor rings your smart doorbell, you get an immediate alert on your phone. Open the app and you’ll see a video feed of who’s there, with a microphone icon that you can press to start a two-way conversation. The visitor won’t know whether you’re at home or across the country.

The video doorbell is also an effective security camera, ready to capture and send you footage of suspicious activity around your home’s entrance and front of the property. Visitors to your porch will trigger a motion-activated video recording, even if they don’t press the doorbell!

Motion-triggered lighting is an effective deterrent to those who ought not be wandering onto your property at night. Integrating it into a security system gives you far more convenience and control. You’ll enjoy the safety of a well-lit entrance by automating your lights to come on before arriving home. Give the appearance that someone’s home by turning them on and off while you’re out of town. Our interior solutions allow you to light or dim any room in the house from anywhere, including from the comfort of your bed. In addition to these components, our line of smart devices allows you to control door locks, garage doors, lights, thermostats, small appliances and more from anywhere.

Adding these solutions to a smart security system provides the best protection for your family, home, and property¬–particularly when combined with our industry-best 24/7/365 professional monitoring. Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 for more information about any of these security and home automation solutions. Our experts can perform a free assessment of your home and provide a recommendation for a set-up that will best meet your needs.