AT&T Shuts Down 3G: Some Alarm Systems will Fail to Signal without Update

On February 22, 2022, AT&T became the first telecommunications company to fully shut down its 3G network. For any alarm system running on 3G technology, it’s imperative that Mountain Alarm schedules a service call to update your system.

Upgrading for affected customers is mandated by changes implemented by all cellular carriers. The entire industry will soon completely eliminate 3G service.

This means an alarm system that uses a 3G cellular communicator, without the upgrade, will no longer send alarm signals to the monitoring center. Mountain Alarm is currently offering special discounts on the required equipment and labor to meet the needs of our customers and those who are looking to upgrade to a new security provider.

To schedule an upgrade service or if you have any questions, please call our Customer Experience Department at 1-888-349-3455 today or email us at

We greatly appreciate all our valued customers and want to ensure that systems continue to operate correctly and signals remain reliable.