Add Life Safety & Automation Components for a Superior System

Integrating life safety equipment and a smart thermostat into your security system creates a safer, more efficient home or office.

Disaster sensors that detect flood or extreme temperature conditions can save lives and property. Combine that peace of mind with the energy-efficiency and convenience of a smart thermostat to optimize the system you already have.

No home should be without protection against deadly carbon monoxide exposure. Our wireless CO detectors feature an internal siren which will sound along with the built-in siren at the alarm panel when harmful levels are detected. A signal will also automatically notify our monitoring center.

Wireless smoke/heat/freeze detectors allow you to separate the three alarm features, enabling the system to alert for one, two, or all three. These components, easily integrated into most systems, can make all the difference in saving lives, property, and possessions.

With one of our smart thermostats, you can adjust settings anytime from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer, and instantly know if someone else makes an adjustment.

Contact your local branch today to find out more about adding any of these components to your system. We have many options to keep your home or business safer and smarter 24/7/365.