Add Video Analytics to Your System for More Insightful, Intelligent Surveillance

Video surveillance can show you everything that happens at your home or business, inside and out, and at any time. By adding Mountain Alarm’s video analytics service, your security system can pinpoint the most important aspects of the captured footage. You can see events that effect the safety of your property, without having to review everyday occurrences that do not.

Our video analytics can recognize the difference between specific types of activity on your property and filter your video alerts according to your preferences. You can customize these video alerts and how your home or business responds to them.

Video analytics can tell whether an object outside is a person, an animal, or a vehicle. It can ignore someone simply walking past your house, while alerting you if he approaches the entrance. Vehicles: Know when a car enters your driveway or stops outside your home, but not every time a car drives down the street.

Pets: Know if your pet naps on the couch while you're at work and which neighborhood dog prefers to use your lawn instead of his own.

Intruders: As well as analyzing 24-7 footage, the system can turn on your outside lights if a person steps onto your property while ignoring the random trespassing cat.

Visitors: Our touchless video doorbell uses analytics to alert you automatically to visitors, whether they ring the bell or not, giving you an invaluable view of your front door. With Two-Way Audio, you also have the ability to conduct a conversation whether you’re home or away.

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