Alarm Chat–A Convenient Tool to Manage Your Security System

A year after introducing Alarm Chat, we thought it was a good time to remind our Security customers of this beneficial feature. Alarm Chat automatically invites you and your emergency contacts via text into a group chat in the event of an alarm. It allows you to conveniently request police dispatch, disregard false alarms and even talk to your emergency contacts to gather more information–all within a secure group chat.

Goodbye False Alarm Fees

Hundreds of jurisdictions across the United States are charging hefty false alarm fees when they send police to homes where a security alarm was accidentally triggered. Alarm Chat helps reduce the chances of a dispatch being made to your home or business by mistake.

Easy as Typing a Text

Calls from our monitoring center don’t always look familiar, and you can’t always answer. Even when you are in a meeting or only have a moment to respond, you can easily identify the invitation to chat and simultaneously communicate with members on your account.

Convenient Communication

With Alarm Chat, you have the ability to communicate with employees, co-workers or family members when an alarm goes off. If a child returns home from school early and forgets to disarm the security system, they can easily give you an update in a secure group chat.

Faster Help When You Need It

Because of the way Alarm Chat simplifies the monitoring process, it can reduce the time it takes to manage an alarm event by up to 90 percent! That means when a real emergency occurs, help can arrive much faster.

Calls from an Unknown Number

The statistics say you won’t answer calls from unfamiliar numbers. The way people communicate is simply changing. In fact, the majority of emergency-related calls go unanswered. Alarm Chat helps reduce the number of steps it takes to manage an alarm event and improves response rate.

Alarm Chat is automatically added to your account and is completely free. Please call 1-888-349-3455 or email us at for more information or to opt out of the service.