Better Protect Your Business with Enhanced Surveillance Solutions

Mountain Alarm offers a wide array of commercial-grade security cameras. Combined with, the industry’s best platform for business security, our video surveillance solutions offer the best protection for operations of any size.

Depend on the latest camera technology

Reliably monitor your business at all times with our line of Pro Series cameras. These state-of-the-art cameras provide a wide range of intelligent features, including 4MP HDR video, IR night vision, access to Business Activity Analytics and more.

Track customer flow

Business Activity Analytics allows you to more effectively and efficiently manage your business using your security cameras. Get valuable insights into customer traffic patterns and occupancy trends to make strategic decisions for an optimized operation.

Proactively deter intruders

The cameras and technology accurately detect people and vehicles entering your property. You’ll receive real-time alerts about after-hours access attempts or unexpected activity in prohibited areas.

Pinpoint important footage

Quickly find important events instead of manually searching through hours of video. Then go directly to the corresponding footage on your 24/7 video timeline.

Constant video performance monitoring

Ensure your cameras are online and recording, keep tabs on the number of days of storage currently archived, and confirm your camera views are unobstructed with video health report and alerts.

The all-in-one solution for intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance and more.

Mountain Alarm provides your business with the essential systems for convenient insight and control. Our products, services, and technology make managing not only your security, but also your entire business easier. Call 1-888-349-3455 today to speak to one of our commercial security experts.