Control Garage Doors, Lights, and Small Appliances from Anywhere

You’re halfway to work and the thought occurs to you that you may not have closed the garage when you left. Now you’re worried you’ve seriously compromised the security of your home. Wouldn’t it be great to check whether it’s open from anywhere and close the door remotely?

For 70 percent of Americans, the garage door serves as the primary entrance and exit to their homes. Chances are you’ll forget to close it now and again. When you do, or when you’re questioning whether you have or not, we have an easy solution. With the app and our smart garage door controllers, you can check the status of your garage and also remotely open or close it.

Need to let the cat out? Or the handyman in? With this remote functionality you can do both from anywhere. We can also send you notifications if you leave it open for longer than a time you determine. No more leaving the garage door open overnight. You can also set it up Geo-services to automatically close the door if your smartphone travels a designated distance from home.

How about forgetting to unplug the iron when you leave? With our Z-Wave outlets, light switches and appliance modules, you can check the status of the outlet and turn off your curling iron, iron or coffee pot. These smart little devices aren’t just convenient, they provide peace of mind–and that’s our specialty.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our array of home-automation products and features.