Control Your Security and Automation with a Variety of Alexa Commands

Below is a sampling of commands you can use once you’ve connected your Alexa-enabled device to your Mountain Alarm system. There is a large range of commands that can be used to communicate with your system when “Ask” is spoken before the request.


• “Alexa, ask to arm stay.”

• “Alexa, ask to arm stay partition 1.”

• “Alexa, ask to arm stay with no entry delay.”


• “Alexa, ask to disarm with [4-digit pin code].”

• “Alexa, ask to disarm partition 1 with [4-digit pin code].”

To lock the door:

• "Alexa, ask to lock door in the front."

• "Alexa, ask to bolt the front door."

• "Alexa, ask to lock the doors."

To unlock the door:

• “Alexa, tell to unlock the door with [4-digit pin code].”

• “Alexa, ask to unlock my front door.”


• “Alexa, tell to open the garage door with [4-digit pin code].”

• “Alexa, ask to close the Garage Door.”

• “Alexa, ask if the Garage Door is open.”


• “Alexa, ask to make it warmer.” (Increases the target temp by two degrees F.)

• "Alexa, ask to set the heat to 72."


• “Alexa, ask to switch on the office light.”

• “Alexa, ask to turn the office light all the way up.”

• “Alexa, ask to turn on the lights.”

• “Alexa, ask to turn off the office light.”

• “Alexa, ask to turn off the lights.”

• “Alexa, ask to set the office light to 70 percent.”

• “Alexa, ask to lower the office light to 25.”


• “Alexa, ask to record a clip on the Living Room camera.”

• “Alexa, ask to point the Living Room camera at the dog-crate preset.”

As you can see, controlling your system with Alexa offers amazing convenience with an ever-evolving list of available voice commands. Call us at 1-888-349-3455 today if you have any questions about your system’s Alexa capabilities. If you’d like to add interactive services or additional smart devices to your system, we can help with that as well.