Customer Portal Now Offers Option for Two-factor Authentication

Mountain Alarm now offers you the ability to further secure your account by adding two-factor authentication when logging into the customer portal. This is not a requirement but an enhanced security recommendation. Once you enable this feature, you must use your password and a secondary code which is received by text or email each time you log in.

After logging into the customer portal, you will see a notification at the top of the screen that two-factor authentication is now available. You can “click here to enable” or click the profile option under the menu to be taken to the profile screen where you can enable this new security feature.


  1. Under “security” click on the two-factor authentication “disabled” button and it will be moved to enabled.

  2. Using the drop-down menu, select the primary method of sending the two-factor code used each time you log into the portal. Selecting “email” will send the code to the email address listed under basic info. Selecting “SMS” will send a text with the code to the phone number listed under basic info. (You are not able to select SMS if a phone number is not populated.)

  3. If you select the option to use SMS, a button will also appear asking to validate your phone number. This is required to verify that the phone number on file can receive the code via text. Click the validate phone number.

  4. Enter the code received by the phone number after validation. It will arrive in a message stating “your user portal verification code is ******.”

  5. You can also designate an alternate method for two-factor authentication. This may be necessary if the primary method is ever unavailable when you log in.

  6. Click “save” to finish enabling.

Now whenever you log in, you will be asked to sign in using your email address and password. The two-factor page is then displayed. Enter the code received by your designated primary method. If the primary method of receiving the code is unavailable, click the “no code?” option. If an alternate method was set up in the profile, the code will then be sent by the alternate method. Once verified, the customer portal will open securely.

Feel free to reach out to our Customer Experience Department at 1-888-349-3455 if you have any questions about this enhanced security feature or need help enabling it.