Don’t be Haunted by a Lack of Smart Security & Home Automation

Halloween is a holiday that perfectly illustrates the benefits of a smart home security system from Mountain Alarm. Our alarm systems and smart devices give you peace of mind, unmatched convenience, and superior protection.

Doorbell cameras can show you in real-time the trick-or-treaters at or near your front door. When Dracula and Frankenstein ring the doorbell, you get a smartphone alert. Open your app and you’ll see a video feed of who’s there with a microphone icon that you can press to start a conversation through the doorbell. You can tell them if you’re out of candy without leaving your favorite chair.

The video doorbell is also a smart home security camera, ready to capture and send you footage of suspicious activity in your front yard and porch area. A visitor will trigger a motion-activated video recording even if he doesn’t press the doorbell. Have these clips delivered to your phone immediately, where they’re easy to download and forward as needed.

Smart lighting can keep the little ones safe while discouraging would-be pumpkin vandals. Enjoy the safety of a well-lit entrance by automating your lights to come on before arriving home. From the comfort of your bed, turn them off before turning in. Give the appearance that someone’s home by turning them on and off while you’re not home.

Smart locks allow you to remotely let your kids in for grandma’s famous Halloween chili. Mountain Alarm offers several styles of smart locks, combining keyless convenience with enhanced security, improved awareness, and an array of safeguards to better protect your home.

A smart lock also becomes a proactive defense against break-ins by triggering a reminder on your smartphone when you (or your family) leave home without locking up. These reminders come with a “lock” command, so you can simply secure your door once notified.

Intrusion detection keeps you safe from any late-night mischief in the neighborhood. It is the heart of a smart security system and, combined with our industry best monitoring, keeps you and your property protected 24/7.

Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 for more information about any of these timely solutions. Have a safe and happy Halloween!