Door and Window Sensors Can Protect So Much More

Along with a control panel, door and window sensors are the most common component of any security system, monitoring the many potential entry points of your home or business.

These two-piece devices are comprised of a transmitter and a magnet aligned together. When a door or window is opened, the magnetic field is broken, and an alert is sent to your panel, app, and our monitoring station.

While their name aptly describes how they’re most often used, these versatile little powerhouses offer a multitude of other handy applications. And because today’s sensors are wireless, you can easily place them almost anywhere.

Want to receive an alert when a liquor, medicine or gun cabinet is opened? Teenager won’t quit raiding your closet? Kids keep sneaking into your home office while you’re away? Or do you just need to keep them from opening the drawers? Need to make sure your young ones aren’t going through the pool gate on their own? Sensors can cover all of these scenarios and nearly any others you can imagine.

We can also easily set up any sensor to “notification only.” That way you’re alerted while at home or away through the panel and your smartphone without alarming the monitoring center.

Call your local branch today if you have a creative need for additional sensors–or if you just want to protect a door or window.