Doorbell Cameras Perfect for Holidays and All Other Days

Did you experience an unusual number of frightening visitors to your front door last night? Do you wish you could see who is ringing your bell without answering the door? We can easily integrate a video doorbell camera into your smart home security system. They are among the most popular devices we offer.

Doorbell cameras can show you in real-time who is at or near your front door. When someone rings the doorbell, you get an instant alert on your smartphone. Simply open the app and you’ll see a video feed with an icon to press, allowing you to hold a conversation from anywhere right through the doorbell.

The video doorbell also serves as security camera, capturing and sending live footage of suspicious activity in the front yard and around the entrance to your home. Visitors trigger a motion-activated video recording even if they don’t use the bell. You can receive these clips immediately on your phone. You can then save, download, and forward them if necessary.

Imagine the many benefits of a video doorbell camera as we approach the busy holiday season. You can easily monitor delivery of your packages and protect against porch thieves who are most active during the gift-giving season.

Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 to add a doorbell camera to your system or to get more information about all our interactive security services. We hope you had a safe and happy Halloween!