Easy Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Safer

Concerns about security don’t stop at the front door. We worry about the safety of our friends and neighbors, too. The good news is that most of us are aware and active in helping to protect our neighborhood. Working together with those around you can make your community a much safer place.

Get connected with your neighbors

The first step is to get to know as many of your neighbors as you can. More than half of Americans say that they feel safer thanks to those who live nearby. Reaching out to your neighbors builds trust and a sense of community. When neighbors have a good relationship, they keep an eye out for one another.

When you can't connect in person, use digital tools. Set up a neighborhood Facebook page or text or email group. It makes it easy to share information, prevent crime, and keep updated on community events.

Use smart security cameras to identify suspicious activity

Burglars, vandals, and package thieves often return to the same neighborhood again and again. Security cameras can help you and your neighbors identify perpetrators, providing video evidence for law enforcement.

Our surveillance systems can provide real-time video notifications of suspicious activity. Clips are easy to download and share via text message, email, or social media. Your footage could provide the breakthrough needed to identify and catch a thief.

Stay protected¬ with smarter technology

With the Alarm.com app, you have the ability to include neighbors as recipients of alerts as well. Your neighbors won’t see everything that happens around your home, but they can be notified if your security camera detects a person walking through properties at night.

While you’re out of town, a smart lock makes it easy for a neighbor to access your home to care for pets or secure your mail. You can let them in remotely by unlocking the door from your app or give them a unique user code for trackable access. These codes can be set up to only work during certain hours of the day or for a specified length of time. Smart lighting is another great tool to ward off intruders while you’re away.

Mountain Alarm wants to help you keep your home, family, and neighborhood safe. Please contact us today at 1-888-349-3455 for more information about our smart security solutions for your home or business.