Easy Ways to Save Energy with Mountain Alarm & Alarm.com

Are you among the many Americans who have seen a rise in energy costs the last couple of years due to increased time at home? Mountain Alarm, and our trusted partner, Alarm.com, make it easy to save energy and money by automating your home’s heating, cooling, lighting, and more.

Save energy automatically when you leave home

One of the bigger wastes of energy is heating and cooling your residence when you’re not home. Our smart thermostat prevents this by automatically adjusting when the house is unoccupied. It does this by working with your security system and Alarm.com’s “Places” technology that understands when you leave your home and when you’re near returning.

Alarm.com Places uses the app on your smart phone as a trigger to automatically adjust your thermostat (and other devices) based on your location and direction relative to your house. With this feature, your thermostat will save energy whenever your family goes out, and it will dial up the temperature as you arrive home again.

Stop heating and cooling the neighborhood

Another benefit of a connected smart thermostat is that it senses when a door or window is left open. When your kids forget to close the back door, letting in cold or warm air, the thermostat adjusts accordingly. You can also get an alert on your phone when this happens so that you can close the door. As soon as it’s closed, the temperature returns to its normal setting. No more wasting money to cool or heat the outdoors!

Automate your lights

Lightbulbs have come a long way in terms of energy efficiency, but you can still save money by automating them. Our Alarm.com-powered smart lights–also integrated into your security system–can turn on and off automatically according to the time of day, or when it gets dark, whether you are home, or whenever you designate. (Smart lights can be a great crime deterrent as well.)

Take control of energy-wasting devices

A hidden source of energy waste in your home is a device that uses energy even when not in use. This “standby waste” or “phantom load” could be responsible for up to 10 percent of your electricity bill! The worst offenders include TVs, game consoles, DVRs, cable boxes, and coffee makers.

Our Alarm.com-powered smart plugs, which can simply be plugged into an existing outlet, cut the power supply to these devices when you don’t need them. Like all of your connected devices, you can control your smart plugs with the app, or simply schedule them to turn off at a certain time of day.

Our smart home technology saves you worry, time, and money in many ways. To get started, contact us today at 1-888-349-3455.