Ensure a Safer Summer Break with Security Cameras from Mountain Alarm

School is letting out for the summer all over the country and kids are planning to take full advantage of their freedom and free time. Keep an eye on them during the long summer days and hot summer nights with indoor and outdoor security cameras from Mountain Alarm.

Adding video surveillance (or additional cameras) to your security system is an excellent way to monitor their activities while you’re at work or out of town. Get a glimpse of what’s going on at home anytime, anywhere with your smartphone. The app provides a live feed and recorded clips. With remote access and control of your cameras, you can keep track as your kids and their friends come and go throughout the day. Some models even allow you to have a two-way conversation directly through the camera!

It’s easy to create a custom alert that will notify you when your child enters his or her system user code. The system will automatically send you a clip of them arriving or leaving home. Or simply take a live look at the feed from your cameras at any time. It’s a convenient and effective way to make sure they’re safe and things are in order at home.

Protect your home and kids throughout the summer break with security cameras from Mountain Alarm. Combined with the Alarm.com app and our top-rated 24/7 monitoring, there’s no better way to enjoy a safer, smarter home.

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