Get Life-saving Protection from Heat, Fire, and Extreme Weather

Now is the time that most of the nation deals with extreme heat, the possibility of damaging storms, and the threat of wildfires.

Disaster sensors from Mountain Alarm that detect smoke, extreme temperatures, and floods integrate into your smart security system to best protect lives and property. Combine that peace of mind with energy-efficient smart thermostats and lighting, along with the industry’s best monitoring, and you’ll enjoy unmatched protection and convenience.

These wireless sensors will alert you at the panel of dangerous conditions while simultaneously notifying the monitoring center, whose agents can dispatch emergency response as needed. Smoke/heat/freeze detectors allow you to separate the three alarm features, enabling the system to alert for one, two, or all three. These components work in concert to save lives, property, and possessions.

As with all smart sensors when combined with our interactive services, you’ll be alerted anytime, anywhere through the app on your smartphone. We also offer several control panels that provide severe weather alerts, allowing the panel to sound an emergency message when the National Weather Service issues a fire, tsunami, or tornado warning in your area.

Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 to find out more about integrating these life-safety and automation components into your system. We have many options to keep your home or business safe from environmental threats regardless of the time of year.