Go ‘Places’ with Mountain Alarm & Alarm.com

The technology built into a security system from Mountain Alarm, paired with the Alarm.com platform, provides the ultimate protection and convenience. The platform works intuitively with all your integrated smart devices to keep you safe whether home or away.

One unique feature is “Places”–technology that controls your system automatically based on the location of your smartphone. This allows you to establish automated actions when you travel a specified distance away from home and when you return, which provides a variety of real-world benefits.

Save energy when you leave the house

An easy way to lower your energy bill is to set your thermostat back a few degrees when your house is unoccupied, not simply by time of day. But what happens when you’re in a hurry to make it to work on time and forget? Simply set up a rule in Places for your smart thermostat to adjust automictically whenever you leave the house.

Come home to a warm welcome

As you return home, Places readjusts the thermostat so the temperature is comfortable when you arrive. In addition to turning the thermostat up, the technology can even turn on your smart lights, adding to your safety with a well-lit entrance.

Pause your security cameras when necessary

If you prefer, Places lets you automatically pause any, or all, of your cameras’ recording when you are home. It’s an easy way to conserve video clips and eliminate unwanted alerts.

Customize your rules and actions

Places makes it easy to set up specific rules for desired actions—like automatically arming your system or closing your garage when travel a specified distance home. Places can help you customize these rules to fit your unique needs and schedules, offering peace of mind and worry-free system performance. Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 to learn more about the amazing capabilities of Alarm.com’s Places or if you require any assistance using its features.