Help Prevent Wildfires by Following These Tips

As we’re in the midst of the hottest, driest months of the year, wildfire season is upon us. Nearly 9 out of 10 wildfires are caused by humans. These preventable wildfires threaten lives, property, and our precious natural resources. As a fire protection company, Mountain Alarm would like to share these prevention tips from the Department of the Interior.

• Pay close attention to weather and drought conditions which can affect the flammability of vegetation. Avoid any activities that involve fire or sparks when it’s hot, dry, or windy.

• Build your campfire in an open location far from flammables. Remove grass, leaves, and needles down to the soil. Cut wood in short lengths, pile it within the cleared area and then light the fire. Always stay near your fire.

• Douse the fire with a bucket of water. Stir it. Add another bucket of water and stir it again. Your campfire should be cold to the touch before leaving.

• If you are off-roading, avoid driving or parking over dry grass.

• Whether it’s a car, truck, or recreational vehicle, make sure your vehicle is current on all mechanical checkups and suited for offroad adventures.

• Carry a shovel and a fire extinguisher in your vehicle. You should also carry a bucket, but you can also use a helmet or something similar to carry water from the source to a fire.

• If you’re towing a trailer, please remember to do a maintenance check to ensure the tires are not worn, the bearings and axles are greased, and safety chains are properly in place and not dragging.

• Make sure to never operate equipment that produces sparks near dry vegetation. Always clear the area around your workspace. This area should be even larger if it is windy and dry.

• States, counties, and cities have different laws and regulations for using fireworks, so a little bit of research can save you the cost of a penalty, or worse–the cost of fighting a wildfire.

• If you plan to burn debris, make sure you have water nearby. Be sure to “mop up” the ashes by adding water and stirring. Wildfires often start days or even weeks later from debris piles that were not extinguished properly. There may be burning restrictions in your area, so contact your local fire authority for more information.

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