How to Avoid Making 10 Common Security Mistakes

It’s easy to make mistakes that could affect your home’s security. Families often do things out of habit without realizing the potential security risks. Here are 10 common mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Do not leave the boxes from your purchases outside.

Leaving the boxes or packaging from an expensive purchase outside gives burglars a reason to target your house.

Tip: Wait until garbage day before taking boxes out or flatten and place them in garbage bags.

2. Don’t let newspapers and mail pile up.

There’s no bigger indication of you being on vacation than a pile of mail and newspapers outside the home. Burglars will know that a house has been empty for days and will take advantage of the opportunity.

Tip: Have someone pick up your mail and newspaper every day while you are away. You can also call the post office and newspaper and request they hold your items until you return.

3. Do not announce trips and travel plans on social media.

People generally do not know every person who follows them on social media, so it’s not safe to announce when you’re on vacation. Burglars will see this as an invitation to an unattended home.

Tip: Hold off until after your trip to post pictures and blogs about your travels.

4. Do not hide a spare key outside.

Burglars know where to look for hidden places, or they may have observed someone in the home retrieving the key.

Tip: Leave your spare key with a trusted neighbor or install automated locks with access codes. We offer locks that easily integrate into your security system, allowing you to lock and unlock your door from any web-enabled device.

5. Don’t leave blinds and curtains open.

As nice as the natural sunlight is, open curtains allow strangers to see valuables, if anyone is home, and even whether or not your alarm system is on.

Tip: Try not to leave your curtains or blinds open for an extended period of time, and make sure your valuables and security control panel are out of sight.

6. Do not leave your garage door open.

It’s easy to forget to close your garage door, but this is one of the first places that burglars check for valuables such as bikes and tools.

Tip: Keep your garage doors closed. We carry automated controllers that allow you to open and close your garage from any web-enabled device. By tracking the location of your smartphone, your system can also automatically close the door once you’ve traveled a specified distance from your home.

7. Avoid having large or overgrown greenery around your home.

Large plants can serve as hiding spots for burglars. If left untrimmed, they can also be an indication that no one has been home for a while.

Tip: Avoid having large plants around the perimeter of your house particularly near windows. Make sure that your lawn, shrubs, and trees are maintained.

8. Do not forget to activate your alarm system.

It’s surprising how many people who have an alarm system don’t actually activate it. Never let your guard down and take advantage of the system you have.

Tip: Always activate your security systems whether you’re home or away.

9. Don’t be left in the dark.

A dark house encourages burglars to snoop around.

Tip: Install motion-sensor lighting outside to deter would-be burglars. Consider integrating automated modules into your security system so you can program and control lighting while you’re not home.

10. Do not share interior photos of your home.

Sharing photos of the inside of your house on social media may allow a burglar to easily identify valuables and where they’re located.

Tip: Save photos of your home’s interior for only those you trust most.

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