Integrate Devices for Life Safety and Climate Control

Fall is in full swing with beautiful autumn colors and longer, colder nights. Ensure your home or business is protected against hazards associated with this time of year. We offer a full line of devices that can be easily added to your smart security system to make you safer and more comfortable in your home or office. Some of our most popular add-ons include smart thermostats, carbon monoxide detectors, and disaster sensors.

Enjoy optimal temperatures with our smart thermostats that can be accessed and adjusted from anywhere . Using your smartphone, you can adjust thermostat settings remotely and instantly be alerted if someone else makes a change. These devices allow you to customize schedules and provide temperature presets to save money on energy costs. We have several options and styles from the industry’s best manufacturers.

The risk of deadly carbon-monoxide exposure increases throughout the colder months. Our wireless carbon-monoxide detectors sound an integrated siren–along with the built-in siren at the panel–when they detect harmful levels of CO. As with any alarm event, a notification is automatically sent to our monitoring agents who can dispatch first responders if necessary.

We offer a single detector that enables the system to identify smoke, heat, and freezing conditions. The sensor emits an 85-decibel alarm and triggers a blinking red light. Again, the detector also transmits a signal to the panel and the monitoring station. You’re alerted of these dangerous conditions by the panel and the app in case you are away. These smart components save precious time, meaning saving property, possessions, and lives. Any modern, interactive security system should incorporate these ingenious devices.

Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 to add any or all of these components to your system. They will keep you safer during the approaching colder months and all year long.