Introducing Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds for Security Cameras

Mountain Alarm’s partner,, continues to innovate its first-in-class security and automation platform. They recently launched a new deterrence feature–Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds (ATWS.) This enhancement allows warning sounds to play across multiple surveillance cameras when an alarm is triggered.

Remember, you can also utilize the Manually Triggered Warning Sounds (MTWS) feature to remotely activate warning sounds through your video cameras. MTWS triggers a siren on audio-enabled cameras at a specified volume for 30 seconds or until it is canceled.


• ATWS will trigger the existing MTWS on the live-view page for designated cameras.

• You can cancel all camera deterrence sounds at once by cancelling the system alarm from the website, app, or by entering the disarm code into your panel.

• The ATWS will last for five minutes or until cancelled.


• A security system service package with panel/InApp panics enabled.

• A video service package with the “Audio for Non-doorbell Cameras” add-on.

• At least one camera compatible with the MTWS feature.

• A panel that supports alarm events.

Supported alarm event types

• Alarm

• PolicePanic

• InAppPolicePanic

• PolicePanicPendingAlarm

• TamperAlarm

• TamperPendingAlarm

• KeypadTamperAlarm

• AuxPanicPendingAlarm

Creating warning sound rules

Verify that all cameras, sensors, and partitions are accurately named. This allows you to easily map the camera warning sirens to the intended panel/area of your property.

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