Keep an Eye on Your Business with Video Surveillance from Mountain Alarm

Our video surveillance for businesses of any size combines cloud storage, 24/7 monitoring, and intelligent analytics to ensure footage is available when you need it most and can be easily found and shared.

With video analytics, you can accurately detect people and vehicles entering your property while ignoring unimportant motion like rain or shadows. Receive real-time alerts of trespassers or unexpected guests in prohibited areas or after hours.

Ensure your cameras are online and recording, keep tabs on the number of days of storage you’re archiving, and confirm your camera views are unobstructed with reporting and alerts.

The following are some of the other core video features you’ll enjoy with Mountain Alarm and

• View live video through web browser clients or the mobile app.

• Use Two-Way Audio to hold conversations through compatible cameras.

• Motion-triggered and event-triggered notifications based on alarms, arming/disarming, entry-delay, contact sensors and smart locks.

• Recordings can be attached to email or text notifications for immediate review on computers and smartphones.

• Recorded clips can be played back through the web and on the app, through smartphones or other web-enabled devices.

• Connects to your Local Area Network through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Call us at 1-888-349-3455 today to speak to one of our video surveillance experts about which options would best protect your business. And your bottom line.