Keep an Eye on Your Home or Business with Image Sensors

Unlike security cameras, Image Sensors capture still photos, rather than live and recorded video. They’re wireless, capture images even at night, and don’t require Wi-Fi, making them ideal for virtually anywhere you need visual insight to your home or business.

See and capture important activity

With an Image Sensor in place coupled with the app, you can receive an instant snapshot on your phone, tablet or computer when motion triggers the sensor, enabling you to respond as necessary. We also have pet-friendly options, so that your dog or cat is not constantly triggering the sensor.

Check in on anytime, anywhere

You can also simply open your app or dashboard at any time, choose the desired Image Sensor, and request a snapshot. If you need to see a specific activity, like your kids arriving home, you can also create Image Sensor alerts activated by other devices–in this case when your smart lock is accessed or your security panel is disarmed.

Activate other smart devices

Want to make a stairway or hallway safer at night? We can install a smart light, triggered by an Image Sensor's night-time motion sensors to light the way.

Perfect device when there's no Wi-Fi

With their own on-board cellular technology, Image Sensors don't need Wi-Fi or broadband service to maintain communication. This makes them ideal for keeping tabs on out-of-the-way areas at home, office, or at a remote vacation property.

Image Sensors can be quickly and easily integrated into your current system. Call Mountain Alarm today at 1-888-349-3455 to learn more.