Keep an Eye on Your Kids After School with Video and Smart Security

Now that school is back in session, consider adding video surveillance and analytics to your security system. It’s a great way to keep tabs on your kids as they leave in the morning and arrive home after school.

Security cameras allow you to keep an eye on them anytime, anywhere with the app. Receive alerts and live or recorded clips on your smart phone as they go about their day. We have an array of indoor and outdoor video cameras to monitor your young ones, giving you priceless peace of mind.

Are my kids safely home?

Your biggest concern with children in school is most likely knowing that they get home safe. Are you texting or calling daily to check in? Have you had to leave work because they forgot their keys and are locked out? Have they invited their entire class home to play video games? With the app and a smart lock, you can set up custom disarm codes for your kids and automatically receive text and video alerts the minute they arrive.

Are my kids behaving responsibly?

Kids who manage tasks after school gain a sense of responsibility and independence, but you also want to know they’re taking care of things. Our indoor and outdoor video options give you an effective means to quickly check on their activity.

Is my house secure during the daytime?

Mornings are always busy with everyone rushing out the door. If your kids are the last to leave, you may be concerned that the house wasn’t adequately secured. Our alerts allow you to check your system, lock up, and arm it remotely if someone forgets.

Protecting your young ones is easy with smarter security from Mountain Alarm. Call us at 1-888-349-3455 today to discuss video surveillance options with one of our experts.