Life Safety Components Protect Against a Variety of Unseen Threats

Most owners of a home or business acquire a security system for obvious threats such as burglars. But what about unseen threats in the air you breathe, the water heater in the utility room, or an unattended appliance that may increase fire danger? Mountain Alarm has life-safety devices that integrate into your smart security system to protect you against these less obvious–but no-less potentially dangerous–hazards.

We offer sensors that detect floods, smoke, carbon monoxide, and extreme temperatures. These components can save possessions, property, and lives.

This time of year, there is in an increased risk of deadly carbon monoxide exposure. When an unsafe level of CO gas is detected, our wireless sensors sound an alarm at the device and the alarm panel. A wireless smoke/heat/freeze detector enables the system to alert you of one, two, or all three conditions, while a smart disaster sensor can detect water in any area where there’s an increased risk of flooding.

When any of these emergency conditions are present, your system can alert you at the panel and through the app, while simultaneously notifying the monitoring center. These smart devices easily integrate into most systems and can make the difference in saving property, not to mention lives.

Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 to find out more about these options for a smart security system. These components are invaluable in protecting your home or business during the winter months and all year long.