Make Your Holidays Brighter with Smart Lighting for Your Security System

By incorporating smart lighting into your Mountain Alarm system, you can control your holiday lights–inside and out–using your smartphone. Tap the app to manually turn on or off the Christmas tree or the string of bulbs along the roof. Or simply program them to turn on or off at a certain time of day.

No matter the time of year, smart lighting is one of the most convenient and beneficial features of smart home security. Once the holiday lights are put away for the season, your smart lights can then save you money on energy and add a level of security to your home.

• A well-lit entrance provides safety when you leave and arrive home.

• You can automate your lights to come at a certain time of day or whenever your smartphone travels inside a specific distance.

• From anywhere, turn the lights off before turning in for the night.

• Give the appearance that someone’s home by turning lights on and off while you’re on vacation.

Control lights remotely and save energy with smart bulbs. Equivalent to a 60-watt light, the bulb only consumes 9 watts of power. These smart bulbs also feature on/off and dimmable settings.

Smart plugs are small, unobtrusive Z-Wave devices that can measure energy usage and can be simply plugged into any standard outlet, giving you remote access and control of coffee pots, lamps, space heaters, routers, and a host of other electronic devices.

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