Manage Your Home’s Heating and Cooling with a Smarter Thermostat

Introducing the 2GIG Smart Z-Wave® Plus Thermostat

Smart thermostats are the second-most added home automation product. Highly reliable and affordable, a smart thermostat offers you a remote way to manage your home’s energy usage.

Packed with the latest features and technology, the new 2GIG Smart Z-Wave Plus Thermostat (2GIG-STZ-1) provides the utmost in comfort, control, and convenience. With this programmable thermostat integrated into your smart security system, you can manage your home’s environment anytime, anywhere while lowering heating and cooling costs.

We can easily replace your home’s current temperature control device with this versatile component. It’s compatible with most Z-Wave hubs and most conventional HVAC systems, ensuring seamless integration.

If you’re tired of high-energy costs and want more efficiency, add the STZ-1 smart thermostat to your Mountain Alarm system. Call us at 1-888-349-3455 today to learn more about our smart thermostats or other home automation devices.