Mountain Alarm Committed to Integrity, Initiative, Intelligence

As with most companies in business today, Mountain Alarm has a Mission Statement: “Integrity. Initiative. Intelligence.” Three simple, yet powerful, words. But more than just words, these ideals serve as the foundation of a company owned and operated by the same family since 1952. Our concise, focused Mission Statement speaks volumes about how we conduct business and how we treat customers.

Ours is a mission championed by a leadership team who has empowered the employees of Mountain Alarm to “make every customer happy” and to “treat each customer like he or she is our only customer.” The professionals at Mountain Alarm are dedicated to these “three I’s” and the purpose of what each entail.

The principal of integrity is the guiding light for our business practices with vendors, partners, colleagues, and customers. Morals and character count. When dealing with Mountain Alarm, you can depend on ethical and honest treatment.

With each interaction, customers can count on our showing the initiative to find solutions that best meet their needs. Going above and beyond is our standard. By extending ourselves to better protect our customers, we build the most important quality in any relationship–trust.

We exhibit the intelligence to understand the best course of action to provide those solutions. We work harder and smarter. Challenges and opportunities are met with insight, expertise, and ingenuity.

While we may not always be perfect in realizing each of these lofty principles, our effort each day to reach them will be. As will our commitment to providing our customers unapparelled protection and service with “Integrity, Initiative, Intelligence” as our guide.