Mountain Alarm Looking for Fire & Security Technicians to Join Our Team

As a life-safety company, our greatest asset is our highly trained team of security and fire alarm technicians. Currently, we employ over 185 technicians and, with our rapid growth, the number continues to increase as we’re actively looking to hire more throughout the company.

Each of our locations regularly schedule time to have our equipment manufacturers train our technicians. By conducting these regular training sessions, we are always at the leading edge of technology. It ensures our understanding and expertise in the inner workings of all our offerings. Not only do we rely on manufacturer trainings, but we also incentivize our technicians to get additional certifications.

One organization that does a great job recognizing qualified technology professionals is NICET. NICET recognizes hands-on members of our team who apply engineering principles and practices for the benefit and safety of the public. NICET is very strict about their certifications and doesn’t award them easily, often requiring years of experience overseeing complex installations.

I am proud to say that collectively our team of technicians has nearly 100 NICET certifications, which is significantly more than any of our competitors.

I am proud to work with the most qualified, trained, and certified technicians in the industry and look forward to more joining the Mountain Alarm family. Our customers can feel confident in our technicians’ ability to install and service your life-safety systems, no matter how large or small.

For open technician jobs, and all other positions, please call HR at 1-877-855-0077 or apply online at Experienced alarm technicians, those with any electrical controls skills, or the right candidate who is looking for training should apply. We have many positions to fill immediately.

By Eric Garner, CEO & President