Mountain Alarm Offers the Best Solutions

With more and more online retailers, big-box stores, and cable TV providers offering security products, it’s nice to know that Mountain Alarm systems provide a higher level of protection and peace of mind. One that comes from a company with more than 70 years in the security and life safety business.

Our superior customer service, equipment and technology expertise, and our top-rated monitoring all combine to offer the best, most comprehensive solutions for your home or business. Your safety and security are far too important to rely on self-monitored or low-quality systems just to save a few bucks.

When your alarm is activated, our staff of highly trained agents quickly respond based on the type of alarm received. Many providers only text or email, but we ensure that direct communication is made with your points of contact to verify an alarm event.

Once our team verifies the alarm, EMS, police, or the fire department is dispatched. Communicating with first responders happens within minutes. Email and text-only systems have far more potential points of failure–if you have your phone turned off, your internet is down, or you’re suffering from an incapacitating medical situation.

Only a select few central stations are awarded with a five-diamond rating by the Central Station Alarm Association. Mountain Alarm is proud to have fully redundant five-diamond monitoring centers. The distinction is only given to those with a consistently demonstrated commitment to the utmost functionality and service. With our superior systems and monitoring, you’ll rest much easier, knowing that we’re protecting your home, business, and family around the clock.