Mountain Alarm and Help You Manage a Business of Any Size

As your business grows, so does the effort to manage it–especially if you have multiple locations. The complexities of securing additional facilities can create a daunting workload without the right technology to meet all the increasing security needs.

Mountain Alarm and the platform reduce operational complexities by giving you and your team a single point of control for essential functions including security, access, video surveillance and energy management. Whether you're managing two locations or 200, using Mountain Alarm and for Business will save you time, money, and many sleepless nights.

Our technology lets you "set and forget"

Protecting your people and property can be a complicated task. We make it easier. Some of our automated security safeguards include automatically arming the system and locking the doors at closing time. Once we add the technology, it takes just seconds to automate the security at any new facility by applying the rules set up for the rest of your business.

This doesn't just apply to your alarm systems. You can quickly create rules to manage employee access, to get activity-triggered smartphone alerts, or even to save energy by automating Smart Thermostats.

Manage employee access with customizable user codes

Older access systems can leave your business vulnerable and make expansion more challenging. Our cutting-edge smart access technology protects your business with centrally controlled smart locks, easily managed user codes, and the option for keycards and readers. Your single login for the app is all you need to control employee access from anywhere across multiple locations.

User codes are easy to set up, revoke, and manage. You can assign employees to customized access groups and pre-set permissions determining when and where access is allowed. This enables you to streamline and manage access for a handful or hundreds of employees.

Smart alerts make you aware of potential issues

Smart Security from Mountain Alarm proactively alerts you to problematic or unexpected activity at multiple locations even when disarmed. You can set up a single alert to notify you of a late opening and apply it to every location. You can know right away if a door is propped open, if a restricted area is accessed, or even if a thermostat is adjusted. You can also set up customized video alerts to capture specific activity.

Multi-location video allows a real-time view of everything

Regardless of the size of your business or number of locations, it’s vital to see what’s happening at all times. Mountain Alarm and give you a single video monitoring dashboard that combines multiple cameras from a single office or multiple facilities. With four video streams on a single screen and the ability to set up and toggle between custom, multi-location video groups, it’s easy to monitor activity across your entire business in real time.

Customizable permissions allow you to effectively delegate

Have a large team? You’ll appreciate the platform, especially when you need to delegate different functions to managers or a loss-prevention team. With multiple levels of user permissions, makes it easy to give team members access to only the specific security features they need.

You can give a manager the ability to set up or remove an employee’s access, but only at a specific location if you wish. You can give your loss-prevention specialist access to every security camera feed without giving them control of other aspects of the system. As the primary account holder, you retain the ability to increase, decrease, customize, or remove permissions.

Mountain Alarm and can save you time and money with smarter commercial security, scalable to a business of any size. Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 to learn more.