Never Worry About Forgetting to Arm Your Security System Again

We realize at times you forget, but with Mountain Alarm and you can easily arm your system each day, giving you the peace of mind that comes with smarter security. Below are some methods to ensure your security system is always armed. App

One of the most convenient ways to arm your system is with the app. Simply open the app and click either “Stay” or “Away” and you are all set. This app is available for IOS and Android. There’s also an app for the Apple watch!

Key Ring Remote

A classic way of arming your system is with a Key Ring Remote. This simple device provides added convenience. Attach it to your keychain and just press a button to arm your system when you are in range.


If you happen to be reading this from your computer instead of your cell phone, you might like the ability to control your system from’s website where you’re able access your account and control your home or business.


Your system is capable of much more than just arming and disarming. Setting up “Scenes” in your account allows you to coordinate devices all at once. To secure your house when you leave, tap the “Away” Scene. Your security system will arm itself, your front door will lock, your garage door will close, and your thermostat will automatically program to save energy.

Ready for bed? Tap the “Sleep” Scene. Your system will secure in “Arm Stay” status, your thermostat will set to your desired night-time temperarture, and your front door will lock.

The possibilities are endless with your full control of the variety settings in Scenes. Places

With “Places” you can set it up so your system automatically arms when you travel a specified distance from home. (You can also use this feature to automatically close your garage door or adjust your smart thermostat among other actions.)

Arming Reminders

The main reason people don’t arm their systems is they simply forget. Fortunately, there is a way to remind you. Go to the “Notifications” section of the app to add an alert if your system isn’t armed by a certain time. Once you receive the alert, you can simply arm your system with a tap.

Arming Schedules

If you never want to worry about arming your system again, we have the right feature for you. It’s called Arming Schedules. This amazing feature will arm AND disarm your system every day at a specific time you choose. Contact our Customer Experience Department at 1-888-349-3455 or for more information about this feature.

With all of the ways to arm your smart security system, we hope you’ll discover the method that best fits your lifestyle and is most convenient for you. If you need help setting up any of them or want additional details, please contact us. We are here to help!