New Video Management Features Included in Updated App

For those Mountain Alarm systems powered by our partner, They recently introduced improvements to in-app video management. This upgraded experience helps you engage with your surveillance system like never before. New and updated screens help you check on your cameras at a glance, zero in on issues, and perform basic troubleshooting.


• See a list of your devices and jump right to specific cameras.

• Review hardware and firmware versions, as well as internet connection type.

• Quickly see if a device is online and check how strong your internet signal is.

• Adjust settings like audio and LED behavior.


• The Video Device Settings and individual Device Overview pages allow you to check in on your cameras at a glance and zero in on issues quickly.

• New screens accessible from the Device Overview empower customers to adjust audio settings, as well as run through basic troubleshooting steps.


• You can now see a list of available devices from the Video Device Settings page.

• Tapping on one of the listed devices takes you to the Device Overview for that piece of hardware.

• The Add Device option is now included at the top of this new menu.


Device Overview Screen

• See an image of the device along with its model and MAC.

• See the current device status (Online/Offline) – Tapping the card shows a detailed view of the device and status history.

• See the current Wi-Fi signal strength at a glance.

• Access the usage report.

• Access device-specific settings like general and network settings, as well as resolution and audio settings.

• Easily customize the name of the device.

• Access the Recording Rules screen to add, edit, pause, or resume rules.

• Remove the device from the account.

Device Status Screen

• Review the Device Name and Connection Type (Wi-Fi, Ethernet.)

• Quickly see Device Status, including date and time, front and center.

• Manually request updated status by tapping “Test Connectivity.”

• Review the history of the Device Status to identify trends and issues.

General Settings Screen

• One-stop-shop for basic device info like Model, MAC Address, and Firmware Version.

• Toggle the device's status LED on or off.

• Enroll or remove the device to send clip donations to the Feedback Program.

• Access device-specific info like Hardware Version and Serial Number.

• Change LED brightness and color settings.

• Change LED motion response settings.

• Set up motion and button press notifications to the customer's panel.

• See wedge type (when applicable.)

Network Settings Screen Information

• Network Name

• Connection Type

• IP Address

• Frequency Band

• Encryption Type

• Port

• HTTPS Port

• Last DDNS Update

Note: Network Settings are view-only in the app, however these settings can be managed via an Advanced Network Setup and Testing Page on the customer website. In a later phase, management functionality will be included for mobile.

Video Configuration Screen

• Access Camera Calibration and SD Card Info (previously found on the settings landing screen.) A new green check indicator appears next to “Calibrate Video Device” after calibration is complete.

• Control settings related to Field of View and Privacy Zones .

Audio Settings Screen

• Manage camera call volume via an audio slider.

• Toggle the device’s microphone and speaker on and off.

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