One App to Secure & Automate Your Home

Do you have tasks in your life–like managing your finances–that require multiple apps, logins, websites, and accounts? Thankfully, that’s unnecessary when it comes to protecting and automating your home. With a state-of-the-art system from Mountain Alarm, the app gives you the ability to easily access, manage, and control all your security and automation devices in one place–from anywhere.

Simplify how you protect your home

The app’s Smart Arming feature can arm or disarm your security system automatically based on a time you set, how far your smartphone is away from the house, or if motion is detected by your sensors.

Come home to comfort

Don’t come home to a freezing house or an unexpected issue. Get real-time notifications about low temperatures, HVAC malfunctions, water leaks, and more. Do you have areas in your house that run hot or cold? Our smart thermostats feature remote temperature sensors to target specific areas in order to keep them at an ideal temperature.

Who’s coming and going?

Disarm your system and allow access with a single command with the app and a smart lock. Get alerted when your kids arrives home or if they forget to arm the system when they leave. Eliminate the need for keys with digital lock codes that you can uniquely assign with time and date restrictions.

Secure points of access

One in three burglaries happens when a point of access is left unsecured. The app reminds you if you forgot to lock up, close your garage, or arm your security system. Simply tap the alert once to secure your home remotely.

One less thing to worry about

Are you always rushing out in the morning? Use the app’s Away Scene to lock your doors and arm your security system with a single command. Customize a variety of Scenes for automated security and system management anywhere, anytime.

Stay illuminated

Adjust any or all of your lights with the app or a voice command. Schedule lights turn on or off when you arrive home, arm your system, or go to bed. Automated lights deter intruders by responding to activity or giving the appearance that someone is home while you are away. Never come home to a dark entrance. Set your lights to turn on at a certain time or to sense when you’re nearing home.

You can enjoy all these amazing, convenient features thanks to smart security and automation from Mountain Alarm and our partner, Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 to learn more.