Professionally Monitored Systems Offer a Far Superior Level of Protection

With a monitored system from Mountain Alarm, your home or business is covered 24/7/365 by professional agents at redundant monitoring centers, who job it is to confirm the alarm and to dispatch the authorities as needed. Without this level of protection, you could easily miss a crucial notification. How many times do you miss a text due to poor reception, a work meeting, a discharged device, or priorities that take you away from your phone? Not to mention, who would respond if you were suffering from a medical emergency, fire, or break-in when precious seconds matter most?

Our monitored systems also come equipped with smash-and-crash protection. This means that if an intruder tries to destroy or disable the alarm panel, a signal is automatically sent to our monitoring center so they can recognize the situation immediately and alert the authorities. Imagine if the only warning being sent in that situation was a text message to your phone.

When an alarm is activated, our highly trained agents respond based on the type of alarm received. Many service providers simply text or email, but we ensure contact is made with those points of contact on the account. Once the alarm is verified, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Department Personnel or Police Response is dispatched. Communication to first responders happens within minutes, providing peace of mind you can’t get from an app alone.

Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 if you have any questions about Mountain Alarm’s monitoring, which has been awarded the industry’s highest rating.


• Average Response < 20 Seconds

• 100% Redundancy

• Burglar/Fire Alarm Monitoring

• Two-Way Voice Panel

• Personal Alarm Monitoring

• Crash-and-Smash Protection

• Automatic Email Reports