Protect Your Home with Pet-friendly Devices

April 11 is National Pet Day! For all you animal lovers who also have (or need) a security system, Mountain Alarm offers several “pet-friendly” motion detectors and bypass sensors.

High-tech motion sensors can discriminate between people and animals (up to 85 lbs.), allowing your pet to roam freely without causing false alarms. They detect infrared energy given off inside a variety of ranges. They’re ideal for placement in large rooms, rooms with several windows, entrances, and hallways. Sensors include a mounting bracket and hardware, but many models can also be simply placed on a mantel, shelf, desk, or entertainment center for easy portability.

Bypass Sensors are perfect for letting pets out. They allow you to temporarily disarm the sensor by simply pushing a small button right on the sensor. This saves the time and effort of going to and from the panel to disarm and re-arm your system.

A red LED on the sensor lets you know when it’s bypassed. Once you close the door, the sensor automatically re-arms. For added security, you can also disable the bypass feature if necessary.

These bypass sensors also work in preventing annoying (and potentially costly) false alarms by allowing a user to momentarily exit a door or open a window without triggering an alarm.

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